Welcome to MES Ponnani College

The idea of a college at Ponnani actually emanated from the brain of late Dr. P.K. Abdul Gafoor Sahib, while addressing a public meeting organized by M.E.S. Ponnani unit in 1967. In the keynote address, he unequivocally stated that M.E.S. was ready to start a College here at Ponnani, provided the Ponnani M.E.S. units mobilize the required land and 1 lakh rupees. It was a great source of inspiration for the energetic members of the Ponnani unit. They took it up as a challenge and managed to accomplish all the requirements within a short duration. A sprawling 32 acres of land was obtained from the government and they also raised an amount of 1.25 lakhs rupees by means of public contribution. Read More



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