Muslim Educational Society

  The last five decades have witnessed the remarkable transformation in the educational status of Muslims in Kerala, supposedly the most backward in education. The driving force behind this effort has been M.E.S., the largest educational agency of the Muslim community in India having thousands of life members and hundreds of institutions. The movement started under the great leadership of late Dr. P.K. Abdul Gafoor in 1964 at Calicut, was supported by a large number of professionals and businessmen and in a short span of time, it spread to all Districts, Taluks and even to the Panchayaths in Kerala and other parts of India and abroad. As on today it is the largest Muslim service organization in the country. It has also well-established units in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, etc. and still the organization is growing fast, extending its services further to reach every nook and corner of the world. MES is the largest corporate educational agency of Muslims in India, with more than 150 institutions including Medical College, Dental College, Engineering Colleges, College of Nursing, Arts and Science colleges, Training Colleges, CBSE schools, State syllabus Higher Secondary Schools and Industrial Training Centres with more than 60,000 students and around 15,000 employees. Hospitals, Orphanages, Old age homes, Special Schools for Mentally Challenged, Cultural complexes and various hostels draw up the broad canvas of the services offered and activities undertaken by the society. MES Logo       On top of the emblem the M.E.S legend is inscribed. It is a verse from the Holy Quran which means "Oh Lord Enlighten Us". The balance below is the symbol of the prevailing justice in Islam. The crescent moon and star represent the Muslims all over the world. The Holy Quran the source of all knowledge is placed open below. Beside it the flambeau of Islamic culture is held in sturdy hands. The letters M.E.S. in the middle is the short form for Muslim Educational Society. The coconut trees below denote the scenic beauty of Kerala which is enriched by the spread of Islam and the institution of M.E.S. The Feather held in bangled hand shows the importance given to education women in Islam. The bottom of the crest is the full name of the organization and the year of inception.