Libraries are the backbones of academic institutions, to support the curriculum and research activities of students and teachers. M.E.S Ponnani College Library established in the year 1968 with 500 books in a classroom; the new library building constructed in 2005 and named E.Moidu Moulavi Library, he was an Indian National Congress leader, Islamic scholar, and educationist of Malabar district born at Maranchery in Ponnani. 

Library stocks over 37550 books, with 2950 sq ft plinth area, further expanded in 2018 with 1200 sq ft, now it occupies a total area of more than 4000 sq ft and spread over in two floors.  Currently library had a spacious interior with a large reading area to accommodate 150 students at a time.


Vision and mission

Develop, organize and provide access to knowledge
Preserve materials
Aim to meet the needs of present & future generations
Excel to provide Quality materials and services

Library Collection

The college library arranged in different sections for easy access of materials and provides quick services to its users. The entrance of the library had a bar code scanner to record the entry and exit of the users, major areas of the library listed as follows.

Circulation Counter: for issue and return of the documents
Property counter: To keep the belongings of the users
Stack area: Books are arranged subject wise according to DDC number
Social Science: include Philosophy, religion, research methodology, economics, history and political science books

Science: Mathematics, physics, chemistry, aquaculture, microbiology, and life science books

Commerce: Commerce and management studies

Language & Literature: English, Malayalam, Hindi and Arabic language books are arranged here

Reference section: Dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks and other general reference books
Newspaper reading corner:  four news paper stands are provided for easy reading.
Periodical section: Subject periodicals and general magazines are arranged here.
Career corner: Career oriented books such as PSC guides, books for Eligibility exams NET/SET etc
Digital library: 20 computers were provided with high speed internet access.
Librarians’ cabin: Technical work and server system s
Faculty room: Major and minor research projects, theses and dissertations are arranged here
Special collection: Ponnani collections
Periodical archive: Old news papers and periodicals are stored here.
The whole collection is classified according to DDC 22nd edition and catalogued as per MARC 21. Library automated in the year 2012 with the Book magic software and converted to KOHA ILMS Open source software in 2018.

The books are bar-coded, students and staff of the college also had a membership card with bar-code.  This facility improves the accuracy and speed of various jobs in library such as IN /OUT of users, Issue/return of books and stock verification.

College library had a good collection of text books, reference books, general reading books, career oriented books, subject journals, magazines and news papers. The digital collections include previous year question papers, e-books and e-journals in pdf format, reports, videos etc. INFLIBNET N-LIST resources are also available for users.

A special collection named “PONNANI PERUMA” is introduced in the library to organize the books related to the legacy of Ponnani, the works of authors in Ponnani , the books about the renowned personalities such as Zain-ud-Din Makhdhum ii (1530-1581), Malik ibn Dinar who visited Ponnani and established a Mosque in 16th century, Sayyid Makthi Thangal, K V Raman Menon (1900-1974) and several legendary writers such as M.T Vasudevan Nair, K P Ramanunni, Nalappatt Narayana Menon were few names.

Library had a digital institutional repository in D-Space platform. Through this library users can access the previous year question papers, teachers’ class videos for each semester, Syllabus, reports, projects and theses etc.

Assistive technologies for differently abled users are provided, ORCA screen reader facility, digital talking books, headphones, and lenses are available in library.




  • Text books
  • General  Fiction
  • Reference books
  • Career  orientated
  • Special collection



  • Subject journals
  • Magazines
  • News paper





E- Resources

  • E-Books
  • E-journals
  • Open resources
  • Videos
  • Question papers
  • Reports
  • Theses, dissertations
  • CD/DVD











Library Services:

  • Book lending service
  • Orientation programme for students
  • SDI: selective dissemination of information, ie provide information on request basis.
  • Plagiarism checking service: Urkund is used to check the plagiarism in project reports and dissertation submitted by the students.
  • Our college website provides 24*7 Online Public access catalogue (OPAC) and Institutional repository of library (D-Space).  This facility offer users to access the digital content, availability, and status of documents in the library through online.

Library is open on all working days, its working hours are: 8.00 AM to 5 PM.

E-Moidu Moulavi library serves as a roadway to knowledge providing admittance to significant collections and services, advancing teaching and learning, fostering scholastic fineness and nurturing ingenious spaces for research, study, collaboration and discovery.


Femin  V T
Femin V T

Librarian (UGC)


Library Assistant

Mohamed Ansar T K
Mohamed Ansar T K

Library Assistant