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Kripa N V


Development of substrate based microbial bioremediation for aquaculture production systems

Dr Ranjeet K

Reyhanath P V


Studies on the antifouling bioactive compounds associated with actinomycetes from northern coast of Kerala.

Dr Ranjeet K

Shahul Hameed P V P


Fishery,Biology and stock assessment of needle fishes(family:Belonidae) in the Lakshadweep Waters

Dr Ranjeet K

P Sahadevan


Studies on shrimp farming in kerala.

Dr S Suresh Kumar

Fathima suhara K


Systematics,biology and growth parameters of fishes in the family Sciaenidae from Ponnani coast

Dr Rajool Shanis CP

Thushara James


Development of chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY) against Aeromonas hydrophila and its effect on disease control in farmed fishes

Dr Mujeeb Rahiman

Research Facilities


There are cisterns of various size for breeding and rearing fish In addition There are 24 acrylic tanks of 1 ton capacity for holding the fishes and   10 cylindrical tanks for live feed culture.For keeping fish glass tanks of various sizes are employed.Different species of   O

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Department is keeping large a museum comprising different species of Fishes, Crustaceans, Molluscs and Sea weeds.  There are 25 specimen stands for keeping these specimens There are also various models of dried specimens and craft and gear materials.

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Research Publications


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