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The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments in MES Ponnani College, established in 1982. It was initially recognized as Department of Biology with pre degree courses. Undergraduate course in Zoology was started in the year 1968. Learning zoology is important because, the study of animals and communities, provides insight in to ‘how life’ works and consequently ‘we work’. Zoology makes a huge impact on our world through the scientific stu Read More

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The department envisages fostering critical thinking and learning process that cut across various disciplines of biological sciences nurturing care for nature and its inherent values towards sustainable future.

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  • To develop scientific outlook and general intellectual advancement in addition to academic instruction.
  •  To create human resources who are well aware of nature, its fauna and flora.
  • To mould the youth to develop competency to teach the future generation of the nation on the environment, its physical, chemical and biological resources and its proper utilization. Read More