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Sea Beach Swachhta Pakhwada I NCC Unit

MES Ponnani College has been re-accredited with A+ (3.46) in the NAAC 3rd Cycle of Accreditation

Join NCC I Build Your Character

A Spectacle of MES Ponnani College

A Bird's Eye View of MES Ponnani College 2021

Our proud alumnus Prof.(Dr.) Pradeep T recieves Padmashri award in the field of Science & Engineering

Campus Cleaning Vlog | Department of Zoology & Botany

Calicut University Degree Admission | UGCAP2021 | Editing Started | Admission from Waiting Rank List

Be the Warrior against Covid 19

Awake Your Dreams: A Motivational Session- Smt T. V. Anupama IAS

MES Ponnani College | UG Admissions 2021 | Admission to Community Quota | Seat Details | Rank List

Calicut University Degree Admissions 2021 | Community Rank List Published | Online Reporting | Login

Calicut University - Community Admission | Community Rank List

Startup Logo Launching I IEDC I IPL

LAKSHYA 21- Induction Prgramme for First Year UG Students | Jyothis Mohan IRS | MES Ponnani College

Calicut University - Community Admission | Community Rank List

Calicut University UG Admissions 2021- Q & A | Admission Cell | MES Ponnani College

Calicut University UG Third Allotment I Community Quota Admission

Let's Talk About Yathra - Tourism Club

Calicut University UG Third Allotment I Community Quota l PH l Sports

മിണ്ടിയും പറഞ്ഞും ഇരിക്കാം | PONNALA | ONLINE ALUMNI MEET - 2

Webinar on Academic Bank of Credit - Reflections in the Higher Education Scenario

LETZ DEZIGN - Let's Learn Designing Using Canva | IEDC MES Ponnani College

LETZ DEZIGN - Let's Learn Designing Using Canva | IEDC MES Ponnani College

Biological Sciences Prospectus and Opportunities I MESPOZAA Zoology Alumni Association

Biological Sciences Prospectus and Opportunities I MESPOZAA Zoology Alumni Association

I’m Always ON: WEIRDLY WIRED - A Class on Internet: Applications, Threats & Security | CS & IEDC

Sustainable Planet I Flamingo Nature Club

Meet the Founder - An Interactive Session with a Successful Startup Founder | IEDC

MES Mega Vaccination Camp I MES Ponnani College

ഓണാഘോഷം 2021 I Fine Arts Club I MES Ponnani College

Public Relations Council of India- Young Communicators Club MES Ponnani College Chapter Inauguration


INDIA @ 75- പ്ലാസ്റ്റിക് നിർമാർജ്ജന യജ്ഞം |NSS Units MES Ponnani College

India @75 I Independence Day Celebrations I NSS Units

Admission Orientation Workshop & Registration Training | Department of Computer Science | Admission Cell

Calicut University UG CAP I Instructions to be followed at the time of application submission

Calicut UG Admission 2021 I CAP Registration Steps I Admission Cell I MES Ponnani College

Calicut University UG CAP Registration | MES Ponnani College

Hiroshima Day | NSS Units MES Ponnani college

Workshop on Make Yourself Visible: Introduction to Google Sites | Department of Computer Science

Sri. M. K. Mohammed Rasheed, Secretary and Correspondent I Suhaani Raaath I Khayal Music Club

Sneha Suresh,First prize winner I Dil Ki Awaz Inter Collegiate Music Competition I Khayal Music

Suhaani Raath- Musical Extravaganza on Mohammed Rafi Songs I Khayal Music Club

YAAD NA JAAYE Commemoration of Singer Mohammed Rafi I Khayal Music Club

Kanal - Women Empowerment Programme | NSS MES Ponnani College

Kargil Vijay Diwas - We salute you soldiers | NSS MES Ponnani College

Webinar on Make Your Life Passionate | Department of Computer Science & IEDC

International Nelson Mandela Day I NSS Units 28 & 67

IIC-THE IMPACT LECTURE SESSION II -Talk 1 Intellectual Property Rights on Open Educational Resources

IIC Imapct Lecture Series II: Geology of Southern India

സ്ത്രീകളുടെ യാത്രാ ഭൂപടങ്ങൾ | ബെന്യാമിൻ | NIRBHAYA Women Cell


ഉടലിനും സ്വത്തിനുമിടയിലെ സ്ത്രീ സ്വത്വം | Nirbhaya Women Cell

National Webinar on Innovative Entrepreneurship | Department of Commerce | IEDC | IIC

ബഷീർ സ്‌മൃതി | Department of Malayalam

ബഷീർ ദിനം- വീട്ടിൽ ഒരു തോട്ടം | Flamingo Nature Club

International Webinar on " Food safety standards and hazard issues " | Department of AQFM

Domestic Violence: Law and Life | Nirbhaya Women Cell

Anti Dowry Campaign | Talk with VIDHUVINCENT (Film Director,Writer,Journalist) | Nirbhaya Women Cell

Anti Dowry Campaign | Nirbhaya Women Cell | MES Ponnani College

Webinar on Drugs and Youth: Addiction or Abduction | Department of Computer Science

Anti Dowry Campaign | Nirbhaya Women Cell

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking | NSS Units

Anti Dowry Campaign | NSS Units

Distribution of learning aids to the coastal area students | MESPO-COWIN | NSS Units

യുവാക്കളും അനുകരണവും | Jeevanam Anti Narcotics Cell

വായനവാരം Competition Winners | Department of Computer Science

Public Services Day | NSS Units 28 & 67

Indrajith C. (Second Semester BBA) | Khayal Music Club

Vaccination Registration steps | MESPO- COWIN Covid-19 Help Desk

The Impact Lecture Series - Session 1- "Emerging Solar Cells, Desing,Applications & Challenges"

The Impact Lecture Series -Session -1 talk 2 - "The Fourth Paradigm of Science"

World Music Day Celebration - MES Ponnani College

Webinar on International Yoga Day | NCC Unit

Webinar on Asanas & Pranayama A Practical Approach | Department of Physical Education | Health & Yoga Club

Vishnu C, Second Semester B. Sc. Physics | Best Male voice | Music Contest by Khayal Music Club

Shibla Sherin, Second Semester B A English | Best Female voice | Music Contest by Khayal Music Club

A short cover song created by Music Club members

കോവിഡ് കാലത്തെ വായന

Environment Day Celebration | NSS Units

IEDC-MES Ponnani College: Workshop on Dramatic Henna

IEDC-MES Ponnani College: Let's together discover the world of embroidery- Embroidery Workshop

IEDC-MES Ponnani College: The Bakers Table- A GOLDEN STEP TO THE WORLD OF BAKING- Baking Workshop


IEDC- MES Ponnani College: Talk on Financial Literacy The need of the Hour for a Prosperous Life

IEDC-MES Ponnani College - Introduction to Drag'N Drop Web Development

IEDC-MES Ponnani College: SKILL SHARE WEEK Inauguration- Ornamental Fish Industry: Business aspects

Webinar on Palestine: History, Culture & Politics പലസ്തീൻ: ചരിത്രം സംസ്കാരം രാഷ്ട്രീയം

How to register for Covid 19 vaccination | NCC unit

April 22- World Earth Day | NCC Unit

Self Defense Training Programme for girls

കോളേജ് മാഗസിൻ; അതെന്റെ കൈയ്യൊപ്പാണ്_വിദ്യാർത്ഥികൾ കോളേജ് മാഗസിന് പേര് നിർദ്ദേശിക്കുന്നു

Republic Day Celebration- Flag hoisting ceremony

Kris Kringle Christmas Celebration, by the Department of Zoology

Our college

Lakshya 2020: Induction Programme for freshers- Day 1

Inauguration of Multimedia Studio- Felicitations by Dr. P. A. Fazal Ghafoor, President, MES Kerala

World Rose Day Celebration by NCC unit, M E S Ponnani College

അരികെ- അകം പകർന്നിരിക്കാൻ നാം ഒന്നിക്കുന്നു, An initiative of Pratheeksha Palliative Care Unit

Onam Wishes

World Mosquito Day Celebration 2020

എം ഇ എസ് പൊന്നാനി കോളേജിൽ വായന വാരാചരണം

നാളേക്കൊരു കരുതൽ , organized by NCC Unit, MES Ponnani College


MES Celebrating 150 years of Mahathma- Logo Launching