Department of Physics


Infrastructural facilities


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High Temperature PID Controlled Furnace:

High temperature furnace can be used for solid state reaction of oxides, metal and any compound systems. Maximum temperature of the furnace is 1500 degree Celsius. The makers are Naskar and co.

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Laboratory Oven

Laboratory Oven: The makers are Labline Company, this equipment can be used to for synthesis of nano materials through hydrothermal synthesis, co precipitation, chemical reaction route etc. The normal annealing up to 250 degree Celsius is also possible with this.

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Laboratory Centrifuge

Laboratory Centrifuge: Makers : Rotex, Table top centrifuge rotator can be used to wash nano materials and mixing chemicals during synthesis for uniformity. RPM 2000.

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Hydrolytic Pellet Press

Hydrolytic Pellet Press : Kimaya Engineers are the makers of it.  Hydrolytic Pellet Press is using for making samples in solid state reaction and pellets are necessary for thin film preparation. Range: 20 Ton ( 255kg /cm2)

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High Precision Electronic Balance

High Precision Electronic Balance: Makers are Scaletech technologies. This equipment is essential for materials and chemistry laboratory for weighing chemicals. Up to four digit balancing is possible.

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Magnetic stirrer with hot plate

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate:  Cole Parmer are the makers of this equipment. 2000 RPM and maximum temperature 320 degree Celsius

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Hall Coefficient Measurement set up

Hall Coefficient Measurement set up: Electrical conductivity of semiconductors can be measured by this set up.

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Cornus Apparatus: Young’s Modulus

Cornus Apparatus: Young’s Modulus: The objective of this experiment is to determine Poisson's ratio and Young's Modulus for different materials using interference method. Weights are positio

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Stefan’s Constant: Electrical and Thermal conductivity

Stefan’s Constant: Electrical and Thermal conductivity : Stefan's Constant apparatus has been designed to study the Stefan's law of radiation. Features : Continuously variable, over load & short circuit protected DC regulated power supply of 0 to 20V.

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Lock-in Amplifier

Lock-in Amplifier : A lock-in amplifier is a type of amplifier that can extract a signal with a known carrier wave from an extremely noisy environment. Depending on the dynamic reserve of the instrument, signals up to 1 million times smaller than noise compone

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G-M Counter

G-M Counter : A Geiger counter (Geiger-Muller tube) is a device used for the detection and measurement of all types of radiation: alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

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Four Probe St Up

Four Probe St Up : The set up used for measuring electrical resistivity of semiconductors

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